Commercial Photo Gallery

SERVPRO vehicle parked on side of country road with a house and further in the background smoke raining up from the hills and

Montrose/Telluride Area Forest Fires

Our SERVPRO team’s appropriately wrapped “fire and water” vehicle is ready to help our neighbors secure and restore their properties after wildfire devastations. We can cleanup and restore commercial and residential properties—ridding the structures of smoke, soot, debris, and water—“Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Water Damage In Telluride

Call the experts at SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride when your commercial property experiences a water damage incident. Our technicians are ready 24/7 and Faster to Any Size Disaster! We have the water damage experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced training to restore your commercial property in Telluride to pre-damage condition.

Montrose Bank Money Protection from Water

A leak in the plumbing in a Montrose area bank requires swift water removal and drying to protect customer traffic and the secured valuables. SERVPRO is the reliable company for setting up equipment quickly and mitigating the damage to the commercial grade carpet. Our two air movers are standing guard over the vault.

Construction Cleanup for the Ouray County Historical Society

Our SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride team recently took on a unique commercial project. We provided construction cleanup services to The Ouray County Historical Society Museum in Ouray, CO. Our crew members worked carefully and efficiently to clean up any debris and mess so that the historic building could return to normal operating hours. Thank you to the Ouray County Historical Society for letting us be a part of this special project!

Commercial Smoke Damage - Telluride Condominium

Commercial Smoke damage struck this Telluride rental condominium when a guest smoked in the non-smoking residence. The property manager for the owner determined that the odor was too strong to rent the unit out before the odor could be removed. SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride is available 24/7 to handle problems of this nature at your property. We would use an ozone machine in this instance to rid the unit of the smoke odor.

Montrose Commercial Building and Fire Damage

The items stored in this office building has been coated with the soot tags from the uncombusted fuel from the Montrose fire. These tags, if carefully vacuumed and then the surfaces sponge cleaned, can cause significant staining and unnecessary expenses.

Montrose Water in a Corridor

The standing water in this Montrose commercial building needed immediate extraction to limit the damage. SERVPRO arrived within two hours to remove this water and start the drying process. Management was very pleased with our rapid response and efforts not to disrupt the normal business day in the remainder of the building.

Commercial Water Damage at the Montrose Daily Press

This Photo shows the standing water on the concrete floor of the Montrose Daily Press printing warehouse. We arrived for the emergency water extraction and cleanup just before noon. Our SERVPRO team successfully had the pressing humming for the 3:00 PM printing.